We build systems that fit your needs and your available space.  The systems we build are all functional, and they can be decorative as well!  You need level ground, sunlight and plants.  We do site assessments to help you determine what system will work best for your site.

There are several different types of recirculating aquaculture systems that we can discuss with you, including Ebb and Flow, Nutrient Film Technique, Barrel and Raft systems.

We train you on system maintenance and water quality testing.

How it works...

In aquaponics, fish waste is filtered. Leftover bacteria convert ammonia (urine) from nitrite to nitrate, a natural fertilizer that is pumped into garden tubs.

Veggies grow in the nutrient-rich water in one of two ways: planted directly in cinder-bed tubs or in net pots floating in tubs.

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Systems made to fit you